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January 30, 2018
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The Blessington Community First Responders Unit (BCFRU), set up in 2005, is an invaluable service to Blessington and the surrounding area. It is a wholly 100% voluntary group with 19 active members providing 24/7 quick response to a range of life threatening conditions.


They also provide First Aid training to local schools, clubs and groups and have donated public access defibrillators around the town along with providing training in their use. The Blessington Community First Responders are tasked to calls directly by the National Ambulance Service and as of today’s date have responded to an unbelievable 449 calls with an average response time of only 5 minutes. These local heroes have saved lives.


High Definition Fitness, will be offering an opportunity for you to come along to a First Aid Course hosted by Simon Taylor of the Blessington Community First Responders.


The First Aid Course will be held at High Definition Fitness on Sunday 11th February from 10am – 2pm.


In this four hour seminar you’ll be shown the basics of first aid concerning infants, children and adults. You’ll use first aid mannequins and the correct procedure to follow in case of an emergency. The course covers everything C.P.R., resuscitation techniques, breaks, pediatric first aid and lots more.


This training event is open to all members of the public, and places are limited to 20 participants. There is no fee for the First Aid Course but we would ask every participant to kindly give a €5 donation on the day for the Blessington Community First Responders.


We ran two of these courses in the past to great success and are running it again due to popular demand. Many thanks to Simon in advance for offering this brilliant, worthwhile course!

It really is a lifesaving event!!


To book your spot call/ text 087 709 9912.


People of any age are more than welcome to attend. Please like, share and tag your mates!


HD Fitness Team


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