Nuala Keegan

Nuala Keegan


I was introduced to yoga in 1990 whilst living in the UK and was amazed with the instant release from back pain and the deep sense of stillness after just one class.  At the time I was working in a very demanding career in the music industry and I was very lucky to be working with professionals and artists who embraced yoga.  For many years in England I was taught by one of the most leading teachers in Ayenga Yoga, Ruth White and practised Hatha and Ashtanga in Ireland. I chose to study with Yoga Therapy & Training Centre – Ireland’s largest yoga training body, to receive tutoring from a broad spectrum of teachers; receiving a Diploma in Teacher Training.  I continue to attend workshops by leading global teachers and am constantly researching the latest scientific tests, sharing new information and styles.



I know how daunting it is to join a yoga class for the first time so I aim to create a happy and safe environment making the class a welcoming space.


My main aspects in yoga is releasing areas of stiffness and pain resulting from daily tasks, sport games and fitness training; to tone and strengthen muscles, massaging internal organs, creating a better blood supply and to detox.  This way you gain a deeper understanding in where your body is and how you can improve.


I introduce the art of breathing and the power of breath work, allowing space for deep emotional and mental release experiencing speedy recovery from physical and emotional challenges

I teach yoga in a vinyasa style (postures flowing) which ranges from easy to challenging.  I approach my classes in a light hearted but focused manner, steering a class toward a focused, dedicated and balanced experience assisting in gaining clarity and peace of mind.  I like to take everyone on a spiritual trip before the end of the class and leave with a sense of achievement, also with a personal positive intention for the week.  Taking home tools to deal with what life throws at you and lift your spirits with that ‘cant wait for the next class’ feeling.