Simone Crowley

Simone Crowley,


In 2012 I qualified as a CYQ Mat Pilates instructor with the Progressive Pilates Academy.  I havew always had huge interest in Fitness focusing on my first love; Pilates. I’ve been teaching Pilates at High Definition Fitness for over 5 years now.  We have the best members and clients which makes teaching Pilates all that more enjoyable!


Pilates focuses on strengthening the deep core muscles that support the back thus elevating back pain. It’s also the only exercise system that uses every muscle group in the body.  There are ssoooo many benefits which include increased core strength and stability, longer leaner muscles, no improved posture, increases joint mobility, improves balance, strength and flexibility and lots lots more!


I also teach a fantastic Pump N’ Tone class every Friday morning at the best club around!